June 2019

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Gym Membership Dues Increasing

March 1 2018

Gym Membership Dues increasing to $25 effective June 1 2018

Energizer's Annual General Meeting is held each year in September. Members who attend the AGM are able to vote for board members for the coming year. Financials, facilities, and other key issues are discussed. 

Applications for open board positions are collected in August.

Come get involved, and Get Energized!

May 25th 2017

The Code of Conduct forms part of the Terms and Conditions of Membership with the Energizer Health & Fitness Club (the Energizer). It is designed to ensure the safety, comfort and enjoyment of the facilities for all members. Failure to abide by this Code may result in a warning, the termination of membership, or the notification of the proper authorities as the situation may warrant. All members are expected to behave in a manner that aligns with the spirit of the Code...

Wanna Volunteer?

The Energizer is a not for profit organization which operates with a volunteer board of directors and the nominating committee is seeking interested candidates for the open positions on the Board.

The Energizer Fitness Club is looking for Volunteer Instructors, Front Desk Staff, and Board Members. 

The Energizer presently has over 17 Volunteers. Thank you to all of our Volunteers whom dedicate their time to the Energizer you are greatly appreciated.

Great Benefits!

Email us and/or Talk to a Staff Member.

New & Improved!

September 1, 2015

30th Anniversary

August 29, 2018

Join us for a week of fun filled programs, prizes, and an Open House. Followed by a celebration on Thursday, September 27 from 12pm - 1pm. There will be cake, refreshments and door prizes.

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